Photographic series that intricately explores the nuances of personal identity amidst the diasporic journey of relocating to a foreign metropolis. Within this visual narrative, the spotlight shines on the often overlooked yet deeply ingrained Slavic identity, forged within the encapsulated and conservative realms of the Eastern Bloc.Through a lens of introspection and cultural examination, this series challenges prevailing stereotypes associated with Slavic culture, inviting viewers to reimagine them from a more objective standpoint afforded by the experience of living in a foreign land.It captures the essence of a transformative moment when one transitions from being part of the vast Eastern European societal fabric to becoming an individual with distinct cultural and ethnic characteristics.Illuminating the complexities and layers of identity formation within the diasporic context. It celebrates the resilience, diversity, and inherent beauty of the Slavic identity, offering viewers a profound journey of self-discovery and cultural reclamation.

Photographs above are digital 
C-Prints, 130x100cm

‘Psychogeographic jacket’ which's meaning varies by the individual wearing it and the location where it is worn. Digital C-Print, 100x100cm

‘Blow that struck a roadman
digital C-Print 40x50cm

‘Young Slav Mugshot’
both photographs, digital C-Print, 40x50cm

2023 - ongoing____________