In the vastness of existence, we can only access small fragments of reality in particular moments in time and space. We find ourselves absorbed by invisible atmospheres and hyperobjects. Hyperobjects are entities so vast and abstract that they exist beyond human comprehension and imagination, such as climate change, the universe, oceans, rain, or time. 

We exist in a state of double displacement, oscillating between perceptions of significance and insignificance in relation to these entities. By acknowledging them, we allow ourselves to immerse in their contemplation, creating portals in space and time that grant us glimpses into their perception.This process materialises these hyper-abstract entities into a tangible reality, offering us the chance to grasp a piece of the deep, dark ocean or a particular raindrop in the rain.


Visualizing the true forms of raindrops as they fall through the air, juxtaposing our common perceptions with actual reality—tears of the planet.3D printed, assembled in large multiples, creating a singular, kinetic installation. This piece delves into the intriguing nuances between human comprehension and the natural world’s realities, challenging viewers to reconsider their everyday observations.Individual and unique sculptures are all under 5 cm. The whole kinetic sculpture is 400cm in diameter suspended from a ceiling.