Event Horizon explores the perception of the world in parallel to the permanent contemplation of time and space in connection to our own existence.
Observation of events in time and space aims to explore the relationship between Earth’s, human and non-human environments. Observing unrepeatable moments opens a philosophical idea of the edge of the event horizon, a boundary beyond which events cannot affect an observer.Everything in our realities is irretrievable once it crosses the horizon. The idea is discovering the paradox of relevance and irrelevance of the impact of the Anthropocene epoch on our universe.The audience is offered an opportunity to openly interpret the perception of articulated independent but connected climate and social issues, eco-philosophical and psychological topics. Photography series is leading the viewer to contemplate the possibilities of our collective global future.

‘Seconds drawings’

Act of experimental drawing in which each line was drawn every second while counting blindfolded. It discovers subconscious and subjective perception of time as well as the idea of the established direction in which time in the western culture flows from left to right.

/series of 4 drawings, 21x30cm

‘A Moment to contemplate’

A unique, unrepeatable moment gains its value through the one who observes it

/110x165cm, 1 out of 1 large format photogtaphy fine art print in an aluminium frame.

Without time, the existence of space as we know it, is not possible. Without space, the existence of time as we know it, is not possible.

Our perception of the world is based on the permanent exploration of both, while consciously contemplating our own existence.

‘Event Horizon’

Boundary beyond which events cannot affect an observer. Everything in our realities is irretrievable once it crosses the horizon.

/original lino cut, 30x40cm, limited edition of 5 numbered and signed prints

‘Thinking of the future while being stuck in the present’

Each frame is 1 hour in 36 hour photography sequence. 

The observation is questioning the relevance of time and how we, as humans perceive it. Time itself might be very subjective, but on the other hand, its influence is the same on all life, space and matter in our world. Reaching out to constructed ideas that are discovering parallels between man's influence and other forces shaping the environment of this planet.


Developed from late 2021 to 2022 in Slovakia, Slovenia, Egypt and the United Kingdom______

_________Showcased at the Faculty of Photography and New Media, 
Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava.