Each year, millions of tons of plastic inundate our world's oceans, presenting a grave environmental crisis of monumental proportions. In response to this pressing issue, our installation provides a poignant opportunity to contemplate the intricate relationship between nature and humanity.
Through the interplay of wind, light, and sound, our installation conjures the illusion of a synthetic ocean. Plastic foils, meticulously arranged, mirror the ebb and flow of a tranquil or turbulent sea surface, their movements dictated by the intensity of the wind.While the controlled and sterile environment may initially captivate with its aesthetic allure, it serves as a sobering reminder of the stark contrast to the grim reality of our polluted oceans. Indeed, the true state of our marine ecosystems is far from picturesque; it is a dire and urgent call to action.By immersing visitors in this thought-provoking experience, we aim to raise awareness and inspire meaningful dialogue about the profound impact of plastic pollution on our planet's fragile ecosystems. Together, let us confront this environmental crisis and strive towards a more sustainable and harmonious coexistence with nature."