A curated collection of drawings on paper, this file stands apart from traditional cataloguing methods. Rather than reducing the body of work to a select few, it embraces a method of accumulation and meticulous cataloging, preserving the entirety of the artistic exploration and visual processes.500 page contentfull book encapsulating a particular period of drawing and sketching practice. Within its pages, the works offer a profound observation of perceptions merging the personal identity in interaction with the external world. It serves as a testament to the delicate interplay between empirical experience, seeing and drawing. 
Capturing the essence of environments with almost systematic observation while maintain- ing visually fluid and abstract image, where gestures on paper transcend the ordinary, providing a vivid glimpse into the artist’s nuanced exploration of the intersection between self and surroundings.

 This publication is a work in progress_______

  2022 - ONGOING_________